Anders organized a children's day with a Halloween theme

Anders organized a children's day with a Halloween theme

Oct. 30, 2019 Nani Laaksonen People & Culture

Anders is a very family-friendly place to work, and we are often praised by our employees for our flexible working hours and the wide range of remote work opportunities. This week we invited small Andersians and families to spend the evening at the Turku office on a family day. In Turku office we celebrated with a Halloween theme and during December we'll arrange a Christmas theme Children's day at the Helsinki office. We had almost 20 children in our Turku office and it was a huge success!

It's always happening in Anders - we organized Anders Children's Day with a Halloween theme for our little Andersians. On Children's Day, parents can bring their children to our office to spend quality time together with games and play. Children's Day was very popular right from the start as almost 20 children filled Anders' Turku office. The office was buzzing as families got to know each other!

Snacks table
There were snacks for everyone's taste. Candy was the favorite treat for the smallest ones.  

Suvi and treasure hunt
The treasure hunt organized by Suvi gained great popularity. The children picked up Anders badges that had been hidden around the office. Three badges received a surprise gift.

Code game
The kids got to learn coding with a fun Osmo code game. This code game worked well for even the older players who didn''t have so much coding experience!

Teemu painting
Teemu made wonderful paintings for the children, such as Angry Birds characters.  

 Drawings with Halloween theme
Drawings with Halloween theme. These stunning artworks are now on the walls of our office!

Table football with Tomi
The table football tournament was really fun!

PlayStation games
The older kids were playing Crash Bandicoot game with our PlayStation.

Nani and Johanna
Andersians Johanna & Nani with cool Halloween hats.

Halloween theme
Tomi with his adorable kids. 
Mikko's daughter
The kids, of course, were dressed up according to the Halloween theme. Mikko's daughter, born in summer, is the youngest Andersian in the Turku office, and we just got a new baby in Helsinki last week!

We thanks all the lovely little Andersians and parents for the really fun Halloween evening!