Anders took third place in the Great Place to Work (GPTW) survey in the Best Small & Medium Workplaces class (20-49 employees) this year! We are very proud of this achievement! Mikko tells the story of Anders and its road to success. 

The road to success

Over the past few years, we have made big changes and huge strides in our organisational culture. Honestly, I am even more proud of the changes we have made as an organisation in such a short period of time, both within the company and our placement in the GPTW survey.

I joined Anders four years ago and, as a company, we have covered a lot of ground in that time. When I started my career at Anders, there were several areas that needed improvement, among them employee satisfaction. This was the reason behind such a relatively high employee turnover rate, among other things. We set out to rectify the situation by taking small steps.

It was extremely gratifying to see how things began to gradually improve – our team spirit today is stronger than it has ever been. The secret to our strong company culture is the fact that we treat each other with respect and communicate openly. Above all, we work together, with a positive glint in our eye. In order to maintain a balance with our demanding expert work, we also do a lot together in our free time.

I am proud of the colleagues I get to work with every day, and it is very nice to see how each and every Anders employee does their part for the company. Our very unique culture is largely a reflection of our employees.

Anders celebrating 10-year anniversary at Gdansk, like a group of friends. From the left: Tomi, Juha, Mikko, Aslan and Tuomas.

Management practices promote a positive atmosphere

Our people are absolutely vital to Anders and also play a key role in developing the company.  We are constantly working to improve our operations and learn new things, as continuous change and renewal are necessary to a growth enterprise such as ours. In order to ensure that changes do not create an insecure working environment, management has made an active effort to inspire trust. In addition to this, we follow the tenets of change management.

For us, it is absolutely vital to share in our successes, but it is equally important to have the courage to make mistakes and talk about them. When mutual trust is assured, it also opens the door to growth in business and profitability. And, Anders is indeed on the right track, as this year’s goals include operational expansion and the opening of new locations in Finland and abroad.

It is also nice to hear customers say how our positive office atmosphere has such a positive impact on projects. Our experts are committed to giving their all to customers. Naturally, a high quality of work translates to not only customer satisfaction, but also employee satisfaction.

Our Great Place to Work achievement says that we are the third best place to work in all of Finland. In my humble opinion, Anders is the best to work in the galaxy!

Thank you Anders family!

– Mikko Kivistö

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