The well-known international Great Place to Work institute has ranked Anders Innovations as one of the top workplaces in Finland, yet again! In 2017 Anders is the 5th best place to work in Finland. This is the second consecutive year Anders has received the honour of being in the top 5 and the third in the top 10 of this prestigious ranking.

“A good workplace is one where employees trust the company’s management, they can be proud of what they do and they enjoy working with their colleagues.”

– Great Place to Work

The HR Director of Anders, Riku Voipio, was extremely pleased for the recognition to our work invested in employer happiness:

We are proud of ourselves and of each other and the fact that we have worked so hard to achieve a common goal. A big thank you goes of course to everyone working at Anders.

Being ranked on this prestigious list for a third consecutive year tells us that we have managed to develop our company culture and work wellbeing to the right direction, year after year. If the daily work doesn’t feel satisfactory to employees, there are slim chances for success in this highly competitive market.

This achievement means also that we can ensure the best work quality for our customers done by our happy and motivated professionals. It is the company’s responsibility to create a working environment which helps people to get excited about their work. The work to develop our working environment in every aspect will stay as one of our main focus areas also in the future.


Great Place to Work is an international organization that conducts research on work wellbeing and publishes annual rankings for the best workplaces in over 50 countries around the world. This year’s ranking was the 15. published in Finland and it had more than 150 participating companies employing almost 50 000 employees.

The study is based on the Great Place to Work institute’s definition of a good workplace: A good workplace is one where employees trust the company’s management, they are proud of what they do and they enjoy working with their colleagues.

The Finland’s Best Workplaces study is based on more than 30 years of research about the most important elements of a good workplace. The Trust Index employee survey accounts for two thirds, and the Culture Audit survey, clarifying used leadership practices, accounts for one third of the final results of the study in each company.

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