Django is a high-level open source Python Web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design. It is one of the fastest growing web frameworks out there and is used by such online giants as Instagram, Pinterest, Mozilla, Disqus and Bitbucket to name a few.

At Anders we breathe Django. Being the number one technology choice for our in-house and customer projects, it is only fair that we as a company give back to the community in ways we can. There are many ways to support a project, for example supporting events, which we also do regularly, but nothing beats hard cold cash in the hand to keep an upstream project floating and going forward.

The Django Software Foundation is an independent non-profit entity to promote, support and advance the Django software. In addition to normal fundraising, they are raising funds to keep paying a Django Fellow, a full time contractor to do one and only one thing: work on Django itself. The results of this program from last year can be found here.

We’re happy to add ourselves to the list of Django Heroes who are donating to make Django even greater than it is now. We also urge all other companies using Django daily in their projects to do the same. Check out the fundraising page here and become a Django Hero today!

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