Our February events so far have been all about online business and encouraging young entrepreneurs.

In January, Ministry of Employment and the Economy’s work group on the future of digital economy proposed a decade-long growth program for Finland.

Growth will be sought in the perspective of the digital age. Business models based on new technology have proven to be the most effective way to increase business competitiveness and economic growth.

Perspectives on e-business

The report’s conclusions seem rational. Yet this begs the question, how to build successful business models on top of modern online technologies?

Answers to this question were presented in two Anders Inno’s events, organized in February.

On Friday February 8th industry experts and e-business companies met at an event organized by Anders Inno in Ruoholahti, Helsinki.

The event’s theme was online business management as part of the company’s business processes. The subject was approached from different perspectives.

Anders Inno’s Vice President Hanna Kivelä presented some ideas on how transform customer encounters to euros and build profitable customer relationships. She also presented some ideas on e-business benchmark analysis.

Executive Director of Internet Industry Finland (Verkkoteollisuus ry), Heikki Halme, told the latest news from his association.

Marketing and sales practices specialist Mika Rautiainen, CEO of Funnell Oy, illustrated how online business marketing and sales are executed in unison with the company’s other business processes.

Jarmo Lipiäinen from Kotimaa media company.

Operating of the media company Kotimaa, Jarmo Lipiäinen, shared some insights on Kotimaa’s experiences on the digitalisation of the industry. Digitalisation has affected the media sector very drastically over the last 10-15 years, but it has also provided opportunities for new business.

Anders Inno’s Peter Silvennoinen presented an e-commerce system implemented for Finnish meat wholesaler Lihatukku Tamminen. The service is based on a new kind of e-business concept: online shoppers get home deliveries of high-quality meat.

The atmosphere at the event was great and participants enthusiastically shared ideas on web-based business development.

Young Entrepreneurs’ Morning Coffee

The new digital multi-channel era is challenge for all entrepreneurs – regardless of their age, field or industry.

Digital competency has become a competitive advantage for companies. Every entrepreneur has to consider how best to succeed in the new situation.

Anders Inno held a breakfast event for young entrepreneurs in the Turku office on Wednesday, 13 February.

The purpose was to share entrepreneurial experiences and share information on the latest e-business trends.

Tomi Alapaattikoski sharing the story of Anders Inno.

In the timeframe of only a few years Anders Inno has grown to become one of the top names in Finnish online business.

In the event Anders Inno’s CEO Tom Anders Inno Alapaattikoski told the company’s story, which is equipped with both difficulties and successes.

The event received positive feedback and will be held at another time for sure!

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