For us, sustainable business means considered choices, social responsibility, and the support of equality and health. We have built our corporate responsibility strategy together with our employees, on health and well-being, climate action, poverty reduction, and the promotion of equality. We systematically nurture these focus entities and support them also with campaigns organized by our employees.

Anders' sustainability themes

We have built our corporate responsibility strategy, together with our employees. We systematically promote these entities.


We want to be a responsible employer and support the health and well-being of our employees. By providing physical and cultural benefits, we enable low-threshold leisure activity that has been researched to support overall well-being. We also promote the health of our employees with an annual influenza vaccine and comprehensive health-care services. We also organize sports events for staff and support holistic well-being with wide range of events.


Diminishing climate change is small things we do in our daily operations. We recycle and reuse, favor vegetarian food and minimize waste. We also encourage our employees to use public transportation by providing commuting benefits and we offer a bicycle benefit. Digitalization plays a crucial role in circulation economy and is one of the key focus areas to us. We are proud of the digital solutions we've made that are reducing consumption or emissions.


We want to support low-income families and enable normal childhoods, especially for the youngest members of the family. There is a long way to go before poverty can be eliminated, but even the smallest acts will make a difference. Together with our employees, we will donate to selected charities and participate in fundraising campaigns.


We want to support an equal work environment. According to staff surveys, our employees also perceive Anders as a very equal workplace. There has been a lot of talk in recent years about the gender distribution in the IT industry, and efforts are being made to attract women to the software industry. We want to promote women’s employment in the IT sector by supporting coding communities specifically for women and by organizing / enabling trainings, for example for the Twig the Code -community.

Our sustainability stats


of Andersians recycle


of Andersians use public transportation


of Andersians are monthly donating to charity


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