Anders is an open, talented and inventive software company with comprehensive services. Our mission is to create digitally sustainable solutions to our customers. We have a strong team spirit and easy-going atmosphere, our employees are our greatest asset. 

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What Anders is all about?

Anders has a can-do attitude with a positive twist and we always find solutions rather than issues. Customer goals are our top priority and we aim to have the most satisified customers in Finland.

Anders is the best workplace in Finland. We love boldness and sense of humour but loathe cookie-cutter jargon and boring solutions. Our strong team spirit and easy-going atmosphere has also brought success in the Great Place to Work study.

We are committed to sustainable digital development that maximizes customer benefits and minimizes unnecessary development time and costs. Digital efficiency is built on strategic system architecture and on that basis sustainable digital solutions are created. 

We always strive to stay one step ahead and focus on the essential – we shape our services based on the customers’ goals (and expectations) instead of technological restrictions.

We’re more flexible than a larger IT company and we keep our clients on top of of their projects. We offer them new, inventive solutions which help them stand out from the crowd and succeed.

We want our clients to feel that we’re a company they can always rely on: we have a can-do attitude and we’ll always find a solution!



AWOD - Anders Way of Doing

AWOD is our own method of agile development which we utilize in our work. The method allows the whole process to be very flexible and open for our clients. Our clients can actively affect to the project that we are developing for them. AWOD-method allows us to offer highly scalable systems with which we can ensure the desired outcome.

Identifying customer's needs
Generating ideas, concept and design
Iterative agile development in one to four week sprints
Finished product and a satisfied customer

From the beginning, I wanted to create a workplace for myself and for other employees where everything is done in the right way, and with great passion.

Tomi Alapaattikoski, CEO, Founder

Anders' values

Our values are voted by our Andersians and they represent our organisation.


Our clients always know what we are up to – we are sincere and honest and our openness is present in everything we do.


We are specialised in open source code solutions and in building demanding integrations, but we always focus on customer solutions rather than technologies.


The atmosphere at Anders is laid-back and homey. Even with a busy schedule, the office is quite often filled with jokes and laughter - we love to be playful!


We always strive to stay one step ahead of our competitors and develop new, creative solutions that help our customers succeed. We modify our services according to your needs and we offer professional IT support, 24/7.

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Riku Voipio

Business Development Director


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